In 1956 Frank White Senior founded Whites Manufacturing. Whites was the first of its kind in Canada, and the very first drysuit manufacturing company in North America. Over 50 years setting industry standards in cold water diving. As a result of proven manufacturing techniques and state of the art drywear materials, all Whites products are of the best in the industry. Whites team of industry professionals relentlessly tested in the most extreme conditions. Before being acquired by Aqua Lung America, creating Aqua Lung Canada, Whites previous owners, Frank White Jr. and Richard Myerscough shared their experience and passion to produce the finest products in diving. Whites was well known for designing unique drysuits for the Military, Public Safety, coast guard/rescue teams. They were the leaders in recreational and professional drysuit design around the world.

Frank White Jr. is now retired yet continues to innovate new and exciting products for the dive industry! Whites Retro is a collection of Frank's prototypes, one off products and overflow products.